Quiet Time

There are only 24hrs in a day! Take some time for you FIRST! Running around with a million and one things to do using caffeine as fuel is not ideal.  This can lead to burn out. Instead, take time out before your day starts and breath, free your thoughts and clear your mind.  Listen to you.  Write in your journal and meditate. Quiet time in the morning will help you focus and provide clarity to the things most important and that can lead to a productive day.


Bust a move! Whether its walking around the track or taking a cycle class get moving!  Take a buddy to help hold you accountable so you will stay active. Exercising at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes is the recommended amount to obtain a healthy lifestyle. Exercising decreases the risk of depression, weight gain, heart disease and helps with a good night sleep. So, do your mind and body a favor and get moving!

What’s eating you?

Now that summer is officially here, let the hot temperatures inspire you to eat lighter. Grab a fresh garden salad for lunch instead of the all the way burger, go for a morning smoothie instead of the office bagel.  These minor changes can go a long way and you will begin to make better food choices.